You kick things and shout words profane;

Angrily hurling pain, physically hurting us from within.

You think the world hates you, for all you ever did was fiasco.

Nothing in your life seems right, you’re bad news in everybody’s sight.

But that, there, is where you’re wrong.

The world hates you – we don’t.

The world judges you for your sins – we don’t.

The world condemns you for your misdeeds – we don’t.

For forgiveness, dear babygirl, is what we’re always ready to give.

You can always find refuge in our warm embrace.

We’ll be there to kiss your tear-streaked face.

Cause no matter how many things you break, whatever wounds you may have made, however vile the words we’ve heard, to us, you’re a piece of heaven and in our hearts, you’ve always been.

Open your eyes and let them see. We are here and forever we will be.

Talk to us, we’ll always listen.

Please, just for a moment, let us in

So we can pull out, that heavenly boy deep within.


Oh my god, I love this piece I’ve written. It’s just so deep and pure.

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One of the inherent human flaws is
our impeding tendency,

To consign happiness to an amorphous future,

 That we rarely grasp, in pursuit of which we fail to process joys 

And blessings of the present.​- N


Color me elegantly with your skillful fingertips;

Brush my cheeks with bright shades of love;

Paint my lips with the truth that lingers on your own;

Touch my skin and make me glow in your warmth;

Wrap my soul fully with a palette of colors;

You be the artist and make me your world renowned masterpiece​.